Nálepka “series”

The Crosby Sweater Project

Make Something 365

Aled Lewis, his Tumblr


‘Beavis and Butt-head’ to return …

… with new episodes (by Mike Judge, the original series creator) to MTV

Beavis and Butt-Head

Love Hotels, Japan

“The Love Hotel is an intensely unique Japanese institution. The themed rooms rented by the hour provide a very private and anonymous place for couples for amorous liaisons.”

Last “Bonanza” Star Dies

Pernell Roberts, who played Adam Cartwright on “Bonanza” (1959-1973), dies. He was 81.

Bart’s Blackboard

Archive of Bart Simpson’s Blackboard Writings

Simon’s Cat – Fly Guy

The Official Simon’s Cat Website

New paper toys by Jason Harlan

Simpsons Stamps

“This is the biggest and most adhesive honor The Simpsons has ever received,” said Matt Groening, creator and executive producer of The Simpsons.

Star Wars / Dallas opening

What the Star Wars would look like if it was the Dallas TV-series

Weapons of Mass Destruction, a Visual Perspective

“The Gadget” (Trinity Atomic Bomb) 1945

Although the term, WMD, has become a part of our daily lexicon, it remains very much an abstraction for most of us. This series of images offers a retrospective look at some of these weapons.

36 Views of Mount Fuji (by Katsushika Hokusai)

The Peepshow

Captain Blasto

Captain Blasto, a comic video web series, follows Colin Carter, a high school outcast, who decides to break free from his lonely life and become what he’s always wanted to be: a super-hero!

With it’s distinctive visual style and a fundraised budget, Captain Blasto is a funny, genuine, and professional example of the “digital-do-it-yourself” movie revolution, and has been warmly received by film festivals and the audience.