Nálepka “plastic”

Francois Van Reenem

Plastic bottle 60-watt light

Dario Tironi

Plastic life

Vincent Bousserez

The plastic found in a single turtle’s stomach

This collection of hundreds of coloured, jagged shards could be a work of abstract art. But the objects in the photograph to the right are the contents of the stomach of a sea turtle that lost its battle with plastic pollution.

Make Something 365

Aled Lewis, his Tumblr

Things You Thought You Could Recycle…But Can’t

More than just cheap plastic cameras

Plastic Life by Vincent Bousserez

Plastic Life

Recycled Bottles

From funky recycled art to Earthships, gifts, boats and an island, glass and plastic bottles can be recycled into a surprising range of objects.

The “Retr0bright” Project


Studies Reveal Critical Health Risks From Plastic

A month without plastic…

Miles Aldridge – Numéro #97