Nálepka “wall”

Dreaming Walls

In a small, remote village in the Udmurt Republic of Russia, photographer Lucia Ganieva discovered a wonderful anomaly in home decoration — the interiors of practically every home in the village feature room-size photographic murals of “exotic” scenes, which symbolize the distant places that the home-dwellers will never visit, except in their dreams.

Nils Nova

Nova photographs a corner of a room and then makes a huge, real-size print. This print is placed in the room, which creates a odd illusion which blurs the lines between the real and unreal.  [Artistaday]

Os Gemeos – Don’t Believe the Hype

Standing on each others shoulders [YouTube] – is what typifies the Brazilian hardcore scene


in action [Vimeo]

The txtBOMBER is a one-hand-guerillia-tool – a machine not much bigger than a pressing iron – that generates political statements on the fly and immidiately prints them on any flat surface.

Aerosol Proposal

She said yes!

art by Ack!

Big Bang Big Boom

new wall-painted animation by BLU

Os Gémeos + Blu, Lisbon




Saner update

The wall of death daredevils

Mr. “Fearless” Egbert taking his five year-old lion for a ride on the Wall of Death at Mitcham fair.

“Fearless” Egbert of Collins Famous Death Riders & Racing Lion.

Dante Horoiwa

Damon Ginandes