Nálepka “russian”

Kiesza – Hideaway

Bonya & Kuzmich Russian parody

The lost churches of Russia

Dreaming Walls

In a small, remote village in the Udmurt Republic of Russia, photographer Lucia Ganieva discovered a wonderful anomaly in home decoration — the interiors of practically every home in the village feature room-size photographic murals of “exotic” scenes, which symbolize the distant places that the home-dwellers will never visit, except in their dreams.

Russian Underground Submarine Base

Russian Art Group Voina ‘Dicked’ a St. Petersburg Bridge

How Russian art-group Voina “dicked” the bridge

Bentley Continental GT Bogged Down in Mud Bath

Abandoned church in Tula

How Russian aircraft food is made

Russian ski resort

World’s Biggest Submarine

Prokudin-Gorskii’s Color Photos of Russia, 1907-1915

Russian photos taken 100 years ago look as if they were taken yesterday.

Guardians of Russian Art Museums

Life in Russia by Aleksey Petrosian

Slime Molds

русский экспериментальных