Nálepka “digital”

Pixels and Polaroids

“My goal was to combine retro film photography and retro digital graphics into one interesting world…”

Monet 2010

The First Digital Camera


in action [Vimeo]

The txtBOMBER is a one-hand-guerillia-tool – a machine not much bigger than a pressing iron – that generates political statements on the fly and immidiately prints them on any flat surface.


Tiago Hoisel


David Barton

Grounds Keeper Willie Van Gogh

Eddo Stern

Overheating – Amusement magazine

When market safest products suddenly bugs, there is some reasons to get warm.

from issue 6 (+)

Jelena Kevic Djurdjevic aka Violentia

Mike Mitchell

the site

Terri Thomas

Marcin Jakubowski


Justin Wood