Nálepka “Photoshop”


… this job from Anna Giordano is indeed a good cue to reconsider both the subjectivity of cultural standards (in facts, ours are so different from the past ones) and the inclination of modern society and advertising companies to edit most images of  feminine body in order to reach a fake perfection, corresponding to an unreachable reality.

Photoshop a Looter

An Honourable Photoshop Master

BaoJun Yuan

Baojun Yuan is a member of China Senior Photographers Association. He is highly respected by Chinese people. Why? In the past nine years, Mr. Yuan has repaired more than 2000 old photos for residents for free. Course it is not surprising enough if you have no idea about this great man. Mr. Yuan is 76 years old now. He didn’t know Photoshop until his was 60 years old

Pinup Girls

Yell Saccani


Soviet proto-Photoshop ca. 1987

BP Photoshops Another Official Image Terribly

David Barton

Grounds Keeper Willie Van Gogh

Help me fix my last picture of mom

original photo

fixed by Reddit users

Retouched babies


Internet Image Montage

The paper (with more examples)

Thomas & John Knoll

The real Photoshop

Mat Doidge

Photography as a Weapon