Nálepka “before-after”

San Francisco Earthquake Photos

blended into present day

A Lip-Sync Six Years in the Making

Images from space track

… relentless spread of humanity

Japan Earthquake: Six Months Later

Nicolai Howalt

141 boxers before&after photos

Pinup Girls

Irina Werning

Original ‘Back to the Future’ Set Photos

“Personal pics from the set of Back of the Future taken while I was a security guard at Universal Studios.”

1955 / 1985  side-by-side

Robert Gill’s Before Or After Yourself

Pin-up Reference Photography

Gil Evgreen

Earth Hour 2010

Collected here are a series of before-and-after photographs from this year – which (starting with the second one below) will fade between “on” and “off” when clicked.

This 1-Year-Old Happy Meal Has Aged Surprisingly Well

Retouched babies

Fancy Fast Food

These photographs show extreme makeovers of actual fast food items purchased at popular fast food restaurants. No additional ingredients have been added except for an occasional simple garnish.

Brand New: Best & Worst 2008