Nálepka “HW”

Little Printer



Gameboy on an oscilloscope

Phantom of the Floppera

Failing hard drive sounds

Philco PC by SchultzeWORKS


Mechanical tumor

Repurpose – A Documentary About Hardware Hacking

Heinz creates world’s smallest microwave

Heinz has come up with a novel device that will heat up food at the desk of busy workers

1964 Antique MODEM Live Demo

Even better than seeing it in a museum, I decide to hook the trusty Model A up and make it talk to something. After some trial and error, I manage to get it to talk to a terminal server at work and use it to connect to a linux box. It’s ALIVE! So, 45 years after it’s creation, this antique modem gets to send data to and from the modern Internet.

Old joysticks, new tricks

Ellie Gibson meets Paul Qureshi – a home hacker who rewires old controllers and writes software to play classic games on new computers.

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix

Atari 800XL was used for the lead piano/organ sound
Texas Instruments TI-99/4a as lead guitar
8 Inch Floppy Disk as Bass
3.5 inch Harddrive as the gong
HP ScanJet 3C was used for all vocals.

Keep in mind the scanner and floppy drive are not musical instruments. These are mechancial devices whose frequencies tend to drift and can cause some notes to be out of tune.

Commodore 64 Original Hardware Laptop

The “Retr0bright” Project

Windows 3.1 running on Nokia N95