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Hacker Typer

The Usability of Passwords

Security companies and IT people constantly tells us that we should use complex and difficult passwords. This is bad advice, because you can actually make usable, easy to remember and highly secure passwords. In fact, usable passwords are often far better than complex ones.


Gameboy on an oscilloscope

Phantom of the Floppera

The Chipophone

8-bit synth in an electronic organ

The Swinger

“The Swinger is a bit of python code that takes any song and makes it swing. It does this be taking each beat and time-stretching the first half of each beat while time-shrinking the second half. It has quite a magical effect.”

some examples

Moscow Highway Billboard Hacked to Show Porn

How to open a bottle of wine?

without using a corkscrew

Old joysticks, new tricks

Ellie Gibson meets Paul Qureshi – a home hacker who rewires old controllers and writes software to play classic games on new computers.