Nálepka “tool”

The pr0n index

This is a very silly web application that tells you what percentage of the internet for some given search phrase appears to be about porn. It works by searching Google Images both with SafeSearch On and Off.

Hacker Typer


The DEberlusconiZER is a web tool that replaces the images and words related to the Italian Prime Minister.

Unhear It

Replace one earworm with another

I Write Like Analysis

I Write Like tool

“Britney Spears – Oops…I Did it Again is like Stephanie Meyer.”

Chinese Military Shovel WJQ-308

What Color Is The Empire State Building?

list of the upcoming Tower Light themes


Create animated GIFs from YouTube videos


Create 3D Pixel Art Online

Old Surgical Tools

The BennyHillifier

Add Yakety Sax to anything.

Visual similarity search for large image collections

Users can search for images by:

  • uploading their own image to retrieve visually similar images from your collection

  • selecting multiple colours from a simple palette or an advanced colour wheel to retrieve images containing the same colours

idée Piximilar:


Hidetext.net lets you convert text to an image. This means you can hide passwords, personal messages, pieces of code, or any kind of private information.