Nálepka “YouTube”

Youtube duet

Miles Davis improvising on LCD Soundsystem.

No editing or other tricks, just 2 youtube videos played at the same time.

YouTube Insult Generator

The YouTube Insult Generator

Fractured Fairy Tales



Create animated GIFs from YouTube videos



This is our website.


Booty-shaking videos with the booty removed

(with interesting comments :)


make your own

Kutiman mixes YouTube

The BennyHillifier

Add Yakety Sax to anything.

Weekly Address by Barack Obama – on YouTube

For the first time, the weekly Democratic address has been released as a web video. It will also continue to air on the radio.

President-elect Obama plans to publish these weekly updates through the Transition and then from the White House.

Today’s address from the President-elect concerns the current economic crisis

Youtube, Now in Super HD

YouTube in 1985

Tiger Woods’ Jesus Walk Not a Glitch

…a user took some video screen capture of a glitch in the Tiger Woods golf title from EA showing how the ball could be played by walking over a water hazard and swinging as if the pond were dry land.

The savvy folks at EA noticed the video, then produced and posted the following as a video response…