Nálepka “weapon”

DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels

Top US Official Murdered

after Arkansas weapons tests

U.S. Navy Laser Weapon Shoots Down Drones in Test

15 Da Vinci War Machines

Possible Rise of Autonomous Killer Robots

Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man

Cyborg Animals

Biological weapons delivered by cyborg animals

iPod Touch mounted on M110 Sniper Rifle

Weapons of Mass Destruction, a Visual Perspective

“The Gadget” (Trinity Atomic Bomb) 1945

Although the term, WMD, has become a part of our daily lexicon, it remains very much an abstraction for most of us. This series of images offers a retrospective look at some of these weapons.

The 50′ Snowball Launcher

Uzi recoils, questions echo