Nálepka “machine”

Largest Rube Goldberg Machine

A Magnet Machine

This machine manipulates small spherical rare earth magnets, slicing one at a time from the end of a long chain, moving it around a bit, then dropping it back to re-connect at the tail end of the chain.
It also demonstrates a little snippet of science called eddy currents. Watch how slowly the magnet falls through the aluminum tube compared to falling through air: the falling magnet generates an electrical current in the tube, and that current in turn generates a magnetic field that opposes the movement of the magnet, slowing it down dramatically. [more in description]

Pierre Matter

Dan Grayber

Machine vitrine

Raymond Lemstra

Recreating The RCA Photophone

“History in Audio Recording: The only working pallophone in the world(2010), plays back the earliest radio station recordings ever made. It used light bouncing off a tiny mirror to expose a strip of film. A photoelectric cell is used to read the recordings. The film recorded waveforms of sound as tiny black stripes. Demonstration on…” more

Edison speaks! Cracking the pallophotophone code


graffiti supply vending machine


Marble Machine 3

The Most Useless Machine Ever

Complete instructions for building this device

Cutaways – It’s What’s Inside That Counts!

Cutaway machines, technical cross-sections and exploded diagrams, anything that reveals the hidden interiors of any sort of object.

Machines to Enlarge the Ears

15 Da Vinci War Machines

Anton Perich

Machine paintings

Wacky human inventions from 1930’s

Guitar Machine