Nálepka “war”

The Civil War

Part 2 – The People

Syria: the horror of Homs, a city at war

The shot that nearly killed me

War photographers – a special report

A Life Less Ordinary

The Photographs of Chris Hondros

On April 20, war photojournalist Chris Hondros was killed, apparently by a rocket-propelled grenade, while covering the front lines of Libya’s civil war in the besieged rebel outpost of Misrata.

North Korea’s “secret cyber-weapon”: Red Star OS

Propaganda Posters of the Spanish Civil War

‘¡No pasarán!’ – ‘They shall not pass!’ Men and women fight and fall on the front line against the fascists.

Republican leader Dolores Ibárruri Gómez used the slogan in a speech during the Siege of Madrid in 1936. When Franco’s forces conquered the city his reply was ‘Hemos pasado’ – ‘We have passed.’

Afganistan War Rugs



The Guns-A-Go-Go callsign, of the former 53rd and 1st Aviation Detachment of armed Chinooks from the Vietnam War period

Weapons of Mass Destruction, a Visual Perspective

“The Gadget” (Trinity Atomic Bomb) 1945

Although the term, WMD, has become a part of our daily lexicon, it remains very much an abstraction for most of us. This series of images offers a retrospective look at some of these weapons.