Nálepka “posters”

Propaganda Posters of the Spanish Civil War

‘¡No pasarán!’ – ‘They shall not pass!’ Men and women fight and fall on the front line against the fascists.

Republican leader Dolores Ibárruri Gómez used the slogan in a speech during the Siege of Madrid in 1936. When Franco’s forces conquered the city his reply was ‘Hemos pasado’ – ‘We have passed.’

WWII: Intense Propaganda Posters


Affiches soviétiques (1920-1941)

Dan McCarthy


85-th Anniversary of Civil Aviation of Russia

Aviation posters of XX-century

Retrospective exhibition

You Never Know Who’s Listening!

mercer rock

Jasper Goodall

German Propaganda Posters from the 20th Century

American Legion Posters

Wrong side of the art

Horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, trash, B-movie posters.

lead pipe posters

weird posters