Nálepka “hotel”


Wanderlust Hotel

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Don’t go off the VERY deep end…

Infinity pool 55 STOREYS above ground opens in Singapore in dazzling new £4bn resort

Love Hotels, Japan

“The Love Hotel is an intensely unique Japanese institution. The themed rooms rented by the hour provide a very private and anonymous place for couples for amorous liaisons.”

Oyster Photo Fakeouts

Jobless, and Living in a Bunk

The capsules have no doors, only screens that pull down. Every bump of the shoulder on the plastic walls, every muffled cough, echoes loudly through the rows.


10 Seriously Unusual & Outlandishly Weird Asian Hotels

Travelodge hotel made out of shipping containers

Travelodge, the budget hotel company, have completed their first recycled hotel made out of shipping containers. The 86 containers used in the Uxbridge hotel were prepared in China with plasterboard walls, electrics and bathrooms already in place before being shipped to the UK, stacked and assembled like lego pieces.

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