Nálepka “women”

Kris Lewis

Women: the human mules of Congo’s gold mines

Georgina Cranston travelled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to photograph the women who work deep inside some of the country’s disused gold mines.

The beauty of power game

Female World War II Pilots

The Original Fly Girls

Eric Stanton

WWII: Women in the Fight

Zhang Haiying

Zhang Haiying’s Anti-Vice Campaign series takes as its subject the Chinese government’s recent initiatives in eradicating prostitution and pornography. Executed on monumental scale and in faux social realist style Zhang’s paintings use the devices of propaganda for non-politicised means: his works neither advocate nor criticise illicit activity, but draw from the associated issues of power, exclusion, vulnerability, and perception to create images of emotive discord.
Finding his source material on the internet, Zhang translates photographic images with subtle painterly manipulations to enhance mass media aesthetics and its conflicting messaging.

Sylvia Ji

Exhibition at Corey Helford

real women doing sports


He Sen

Also on artnet.

Women in Greek Myths