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Norman Saunders

The Amazing 1966 ‘Batman’ Trading Cards


Antoine Helbert

Foreskin man

The Comic-Con 2010

Eric Stanton




John Kricfalusi

Poulpe Pulps


A native of Czechoslovakia, Sadecky travelled to Kiev in 1961 and became involved with a Soviet underground movement called the Progressive Political Pornography Party. The PPP were a group of Soviet citizens who had become disillusioned with the way that communism (and the ideals behind the Russian Revolution) had become ‘perverted’ under the rule of Stalin. Meeting in secret, PPP would discuss philosophy, politics and pornography, whilst indulging in alcohol and free love. #

Octobriana and the finger of Lenin

Portfolio: Michal Ivan

Covered – modern artists covering classic comic books

Bombo! (AKA Maurizio Santucci)