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The most surprising demographic crisis

A new census raises questions about the future of China’s one-child policy

Cleaning Dalian harbor

Oil spill in Dalian, China

Zhang Haiying

Zhang Haiying’s Anti-Vice Campaign series takes as its subject the Chinese government’s recent initiatives in eradicating prostitution and pornography. Executed on monumental scale and in faux social realist style Zhang’s paintings use the devices of propaganda for non-politicised means: his works neither advocate nor criticise illicit activity, but draw from the associated issues of power, exclusion, vulnerability, and perception to create images of emotive discord.
Finding his source material on the internet, Zhang translates photographic images with subtle painterly manipulations to enhance mass media aesthetics and its conflicting messaging.

China Channel Firefox Add-on

Experience the censored Chinese internet at home!

Google – Sim City – Maps

This farmer grows robots

BBC Reporter Mistaken for Michael Phelps

2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Anti-Terrorism Exercises in China

Photographing a Wedding and then an Earthquake

Zem sa zachvela počas ich svadby (Sichuan, Čína)…

Fotograf práve zachytával najšťastnejší deň zamilovaných, keď zrazu udrelo zemetrasenie o sile 7,9 a dĺžkou trvania 3 min. zrovnajúc kostol so zemou, z ktorého len pred malou chvíľou vyšli.

Akoby zázrakom, každý z 33 hostí prežil.

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Evolution and revolution: Chinese dress 1700s-1990s

As in many cultures, dress was a way of distinguishing a person’s position in Chinese society – while this was more apparent prior to and including the 19th century there is still evidence of it today