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Give a child a camera and save the world

Lake Retba, Senegal’s Pink Lake

The Angola Ghost Town Built By China

Ex-women’s minister guilty of genocide, rape

Infrared Photographs Of Eastern Congo

by Richard Mosse

African country set to make breaking wind a crime

Women: the human mules of Congo’s gold mines

Georgina Cranston travelled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to photograph the women who work deep inside some of the country’s disused gold mines.

The First People To Drive Across The Congo In 20 Years

In 2008, a Belgian couple traversed the Congo in a Toyota Land Cruiser, a drive few have attempted in decades. This is their story of adventure, corruption, and crumbling infrastructure in the world’s second poorest country. [Jalopnik]


Child Sacrifice Emerges as Disturbing Uganda Trend

Skull deformation by the Mangbetus

The Mangbetu are a people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, living in Orientale Province. The majority live in the villages of Rungu, Poko, Watsa, Niangara, and Wamba. Čítať ďalej »

Mobile Innovations

NNEKA – Africans



“It’s a win-win…You snap up a limited edition, artist designed T-shirt, and all the proceeds go toward buying school uniforms for kids in developing countries…”