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The Battle of Britain

1896 Olympic marathon


A Day with Dogfish Beer

The shot that nearly killed me

War photographers – a special report

Lepthocephalus Bali Seraya

A Leptocephalus (meaning “small head”) is the flat and transparent larva of the eel. They grow about 60-300 mm. Because they are transparent they are so hard to spot and are hardly ever sighted. We were lucky enough to see one of them!!

Snail Attack (whoa)

What is left of Athens’ £9billion Olympic ‘glory’

Abandoned, derelict, covered in graffiti and rubbish

World War II: Before the War

Matt Stutzman

Gun manuals


Harvard tracked down three people who dropped out of the school in the late 60s to see what had happened to them in the meantime.

Rare Color photos from Depression Era

Tour of Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

Dirty Dancing

A Gallant Spider Goes All The Way

When We Tested Nuclear Bombs