Nálepka “život”

Happy at 100


Harvard tracked down three people who dropped out of the school in the late 60s to see what had happened to them in the meantime.

Before I die

Pred tým, ako zomriem …

Nasa scientist claims evidence of extraterrestrial life

Abortion pictures

Indigencia y miseria

Tina Kazakhishvili

Every day I live

Who Am I?

The series of portraits depicts the 24 year old Botha, one of the world’s longest surviving Progeria sufferers.


Roger Ebert’s new voice

Roger Ebert

Make the girl dance – Kill me

Čo by si robil Ty?

My miserable life

I am 20 years old and have porno on the web. I was lured in by the money factor and never got paid. I got fired from my real job. I am too poor to afford a lawyer and have to just deal with it, because that’s what you do. I hate myself and I don’t like people very much anymore. I see no point in existing, and I am a fucked-up loser. It sucks being attractive. All you get are men wanting to cum in your mouth and women wanting to kill you. Life is fun and reproducing is very important so we can continue this beautiful positive thing.


Kazakhstan’s radioactive legacy

All of Us: An Essay by Shelby Lee Adams

Lizeth Arauz