Nálepka “respect”

Bomber Jackets

Amputee Football Championships

World Amputee Football

The Blind Man Who Taught Himself To See

Matt Stutzman

Esther Vergeer

Combining singles and doubles, she has won 37 Grand Slam titles, 21 year end championships and 5 Paralympics titles. Esther Vergeer has been the world number one wheel chair tennis player for 12 years. In singles, she has not been beaten since January 2003 and is on a winning streak of 418 matches.

The iron lady

Chrissie Wellington

Formula Offroad

The Icelandic sport Formula Offroad

My experience with ALS

can you do it too?

Brave fight of a girl with half a brain

Manuel Uribe

Former world’s heaviest man to wed in Mexico

2008 Summer Paralympic Games

Ja osobne poznám dvoch paralympikonov, ktorí boli/sú medailistami,

majú všetok môj obdiv.

Bethany Hamilton

world amputee football