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Soviet proto-Photoshop ca. 1987

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Moped reklama

Mopedy S11, S22

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

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1953 Cadillac w/ 5 wheels 1954 Invention

Restored Edison Electric Car From 1889

ALT/1977: We are not time travelers

Recreating The RCA Photophone

“History in Audio Recording: The only working pallophone in the world(2010), plays back the earliest radio station recordings ever made. It used light bouncing off a tiny mirror to expose a strip of film. A photoelectric cell is used to read the recordings. The film recorded waveforms of sound as tiny black stripes. Demonstration on…” more

Edison speaks! Cracking the pallophotophone code

Hidden posters of Notting Hill Gate tube station


Classic DOS games

1905 San Francisco