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Obama vs. Bush beatbox



Presidential Pets

Amnesty can change

made by markenfilm

Inauguration From Above

Obama unicorn nude Wall Street bear inaguration

An oil painting of Barack Obama leaping from his unicorn and taking down a rampaging bear on Wall Street.

Dan Lacey’s blog

Art of Obama

Servus Ďuri!

Weekly Address by Barack Obama – on YouTube

For the first time, the weekly Democratic address has been released as a web video. It will also continue to air on the radio.

President-elect Obama plans to publish these weekly updates through the Transition and then from the White House.

Today’s address from the President-elect concerns the current economic crisis

Politics & Patriots

Paul Richmond

Batmobama and Robiden

The next President of the United States

Sarah Palin porn flick

Nailin Palin

Už sa teším na našu kampaň.

Operation IVY (1952) – 1 hour originally Secret version

“The island of Elugelab is missing!” President Eisenhower heard this short report on the Mike shot in Operation IVY from Gordon Dean, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.

Red Square-2008

Victory parade

Defaced presidents

Adding a New Face To Money

(…and the pool)