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A Nuclear Bomb, Missing For More Than 50 Years

Pierre Winther

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Hidden Travels of the Atomic Bomb

White smoke rising over Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945

Voices of the Manhattan Project

Operation IVY (1952) – 1 hour originally Secret version

“The island of Elugelab is missing!” President Eisenhower heard this short report on the Mike shot in Operation IVY from Gordon Dean, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.

Nuclear Blasts Show Terrifying Power

House No. 1, located 3,500 feet from ground zero, was completely destroyed on the first day of testing. The elapsed time from the first picture to the last was 2⅔ seconds. The camera was completely enclosed in a 2-inch lead sheath as a protection against radiation. The only source of light was that from the detonation. Frame No. 1 (upper left) shows the house lighted by the blast. Frame No. 2 (upper right) shows the house on fire.