Nálepka “campaign”

Scared Dictators

for International Society for Human Rights (ISHR)


Fan Attacks The Hoff

The second commercial of the campaign: Lundgren vs. Unicorn

Volkswagen Fast Lane

IKEA Subway Display in Paris

Tappening Tap Water Campaign

Microsoft’s strange new ads for Internet Explorer

Can Superman, puke jokes, and lolcats make IE cool again? → series of online ads

Creepy Vintage Ads

Trillion Dollar campaign

Wall murals for ‘The Zimbabwean Newspaper’ made up of worthless Zimbabwean bank notes. A trillion Zimbabwean dollars can’t buy you any advertising, it can’t even buy you the paper to print your message on, so you might as well turn the money into your advertising.

Syphilis Posters from the 1940s

Surfrider Foundation: Catch of the day

The next President of the United States