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The 10 Best Amazon Reviews. Ever.

Web reviews from online everymen are either low-hanging fruit for DIY marketers, the best thing to ever happen to e-shopping, or bait for angry cheapskates. But good or bad, they’re often an unexpected source for entertainment. Here are some of the best.

Dewa Bleisinger

Mirror clearer

Stupid Amazon Products …

… with impressively sarcastic reviews

“This is an awesome product. I have performed my first two bypasses using this kit (on myself of course), and I have lost over 200 pounds. There was some initial bleeding that occured, and I needed to be rushed to the emergency room due to “severe internal hemorrhaging” but the three week stay was well worth the cost I saved by doing my own bypass. They even threw in a free bag of donor blood at the hospital! Take that gold box deals! Highly recommended! Note: through personal experience, it is difficult to follow instructions when under anestesia. Your experience may vary, good luck with your home surgery!”

Apple Destroyed Products


Why are all the straps on umbrellas boring? Tail” is a strap and also a little creature’s tail. As you walk in the rain, your little friend shakes its tail.



Chairless is a seating device for the modern nomad. This sturdy strap of fabric allows its user to sit down in a relaxed manner – but with neither seat nor backrest. It is thus a solution par excellence for times when chairs are in short supply: lunch in the park, while waiting in a crowded airport, a picnic on the lawn, sitting down at a concert, reading on the beach and on countless other occasions. Chairless is so light and compact that you can carry it with you wherever you go.

Fire Design

The “Hand of God” bra

“God’s Hand” technology developed in Japan

Creepy Vintage Ads



Greece is for Lovers

Hookers’ delight

Mitchell Feinberg