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Japanese Emergency Toilet



Casio’s F-91W watch

the design favourite of hipsters … and al-Qaida

When I approached Casio’s PR team for some information about their bestselling model, I got a curt email response saying: “Casio is not making any further comment on the F-91W watch at this point in time.” Is this a case of too much negative publicity? Is the fact that Osama Bin Laden himself wears an F-91W bad for the brand’s street cred? Yes and no. Arguably, it is a ringing endorsement of the product’s lethal reliability. Many brands would embrace that cult status.

HandTrux shovel

Chao and Eero

Measuring tape toilet paper

Disassembled Product Photography

by Todd McLellan

This Cube Transforms Into A Working Gun

This is a gun. Or rather, a 125-piece cube that transforms into a gun, the Intimidator

Clap off bra


Electric Beauty Lift High Nose

Crown jewels

A gadget’s life: From gee-whiz to junk

Apple Destroyed Products

Tiny BBQ Grill

inspired by the eBq