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Put Down The Gun

Dimitri Tsykalov

Dr. Grordborts


This Cube Transforms Into A Working Gun

This is a gun. Or rather, a 125-piece cube that transforms into a gun, the Intimidator

X-ray guns

Working Guns Made Out Of LEGO

working guns archive (more & instructions)

Schwerer Gustav 800 mm (1942)

800 mm, 800…




The Bren Gun Girl

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Marcus Wittmers – Ceasefire

In Ceasefire, the ideas appear with great clarity due to the use of gravestones carved open to reveal almost hyper-realistic images of handguns of types used all over the world today. With this clearly executed shifting of context (the stones are salvaged from waste piles in Berlin’s cemeteries), the artist gives access to various levels of intellectual interpretation of the work.