Nálepka “visualization”

ZKO Rollercoaster

Visualization of the 1st violin of the 2nd symphony, 4th movement by Ferdinand Ries in the shape of a rollercoaster.

USA national debt in physical $100 bills

Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech analyzed

Nancy Duarte analyzes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech using principles from her book, Resonate. Mapping the speech to her “presentation form”, Duarte reveals the magic that makes it memorable.


Do horoscopes really all just say the same thing? We scraped & analysed 22,000 to see.

See completed meta-horoscope chart


Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia

Articles for Deletion

Last.fm’s Best of 2010

Last.fm plots listening preferences

Packet Flight

This is a visualization of the network packets of a YouTube video, slowed down 12 times. You can clearly see the handshake, some odd client/server negotiation, and the full ramp-up.

Created using Packet Flight

Image request slowed down 40x

Colours In Cultures

Bible Cross References Visualization

The State of The Internet

Charting the Beatles

Is the H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Safe?

How the H1N1 vaccine is made

2012: The End Of The World?

“Choose Your Own Adventure” visualizations

Zork: The Cavern of Doom (playable visualization)