Nálepka “fly”

The Adventures Of Mr. Fly


by Zapata Racing

Skydive Arena Praha

Packet Flight

This is a visualization of the network packets of a YouTube video, slowed down 12 times. You can clearly see the handshake, some odd client/server negotiation, and the full ramp-up.

Created using Packet Flight

Image request slowed down 40x

The Martin Jetpack

“Zombie” Ants Controlled, Decapitated by Flies

In South America female phorid flies have developed a bizarre reproductive strategy: They hover over fire ants (pictured in a file photo), then inject their eggs into the ants with a needle-like appendage.

Pet Airline – the first pet-only airline

Richard Barnes



Parahawking is the art of training birds of prey to fly with Paragliders, it was developed and pioneered in 2001 in Pokhara, Nepal by Scott Mason. By combining Paragliding with the ancient art of Falconry, we are able to train birds of prey to fly with us, guide us to thermals and even perform aerobatic manoeuvres.