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Brazilian anti-logging activist shot dead

Fifth murder in a month believed to be linked to conflict over land and logging in Brazil’s rainforest region.

Pictures from the daily mail

Planking Craze Leads to Death in Australia

“Dont drink and plank!”

Cell Phones are Harming Bees

The Commodore 64 lives again

This classic early-model computer, the Commodore 64, will be back in action soon with a nostalgic look but modern components

The most surprising demographic crisis

A new census raises questions about the future of China’s one-child policy

Double-snouted piglet eats for two

Zemřel Ivo Pešák

Jožin z Bažin a parťák Ivana Mládka


SETI Institute to shut down alien-seeking radio dishes

Why more and more women are using pornography

Fox lived in the Shard skyscraper

Catholic church gives blessing to iPhone app

African country set to make breaking wind a crime

Louie The Pig That Thinks He’s a Dog

Dog sniffs out cancer in stool