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Michael Hansmeyer

Wat Rong Khun

New Salvador Dali Museum

The new Salvador Dali museum designed by HOK – hosts the biggest collection of the surrealist painter’s work in the world.

Huis Ter Dijk

This House is inspired by Dutch Architects like Willem Dudok who had a special style of building around 1930 (inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright).

Casa 360°

by Subarquitectura

Jordi Colomer

by Jordi Colomer

Wanderlust Hotel

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German University Has Slides

Dubai subway

Dubai subway – the longest fully automated (no driver) rail system in the world, the first subway in the Gulf region.

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Beijing architect lives in egg-shaped house on sidewalk


Ellora Caves


The Haikyo Gallery

The Haikyo Gallery features the haikyo (ruins) explorations of  Michael John Grist in Japan.

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the Ruins Gallery

Germany’s Repurposed World War II Bunkers

Modern Retrofit: Tiny New Home in Ten-Foot Tokyo Alley