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Mustang Wanted

9 year old discusses the meaning of life and the universe

Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Don’t make people pay for music, says Amanda Palmer: Let them.

Men Throwing Rocks With The Other Hand

The Tiny Transforming Apartment

…that packs eight rooms into 350 square feet

Sinister Sites – The Denver International Airport

Amazon Random Shopper

First shipment: “All in all, this was a sort of creepy shipment. It sent me a book by someone who’s known for charting and modeling the human mind, and sent me some music that is extremely mechanical and almost random.”

2012 Year in Pictures

Part II and III

The lost churches of Russia

HTTP Status Rappers

Taufik Sudjatnika

Music history in gifs

ReCode Project

The ReCode Project is a community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing).

Lukas Kozmus

on facebook

Never Too Late: Heidi Hetzer

German crooner Udo Jürgens once sang “Mit 66 Jahren da fängt das Leben an”, which translates to “Life starts at 66″. We think Heidi Hetzer would beg to differ. This lovely lady is not only a local Berliner hero but also quite the serious competitor when it comes to automotive racing and all this at the age of 75. She is now planning to follow in the tire tracks of Clärenore Stinnes, who was the first woman AND the first person to drive around the world…