Nálepka “print”

Blending real objects with 3D prints


Czech series 475.1 locomotive

drawn by a 1980’s HP 7475A pen plotter

Receipt racer

by undef and Joshua Noble

How Ink Is Made

A Chief Ink Maker shows how colour and ink is created from the raw ingredients–powder, varnish, and passion.

Lego Hello World

500 worst passwords

Stukenborg Letterpress Dice Prints



Periodic Table Printmaking Project

Ninety-seven printmakers of all experience levels, have joined together to produce 118 prints in any medium; woodcut, linocut, monotype, etching, lithograph, silkscreen, or any combination. The end result is a periodic table of elements intended to promote both science and the arts.

If You Printed The Internet …


The Human Printer

Nicolas Lesaffre

Luke Lucas

also on Behance

Get Intimate with Communist History

Campaign for the Museum of Communism in Prague

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