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Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

Kevin Slavin argues that we’re living in a world designed for — and increasingly controlled by — algorithms. In this riveting talk from TEDGlobal, he shows how these complex computer programs determine: espionage tactics, stock prices, movie scripts, and architecture. And he warns that we are writing code we can’t understand, with implications we can’t control.

How to fit an elephant

John von Neumann famously said: With four parameters I can fit an elephant, and with five I can make him wiggle his trunk.

Autistic boy develops his own theory of relativity

xkcd Wedding Cake

Mathematics of Greatness

Urinal protocol vulnerability

When a guy goes into the bathroom, which urinal does he pick?  Most guys are familiar with the International Choice of Urinal Protocol.

Zettai Ryouiki (絶対領域)

Zettai Ryouiki (絶対領域) is the perfect ratio of skin, skirt, and sock that generates intense cuteness. Mathematically, the ratio is 4:1:2.5 (length of mini-skirt : the skin shown : length of socks above knee) with +/-25% error. Zettai Ruouiki is broken into grades with class A and B being true Zettai Ryouiki.

Powers of 10

“Eventually, everything connects.”—Charles Eames

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