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Call Your Girlfriend

12 and 8 year old sisters Lennon and Maisy sing their version of Robyn/Erato Call Your Girlfriend.


Kids have the ability to come up with some pretty amazing things, but not always the ability to draw exactly what they were imagining. I’m here to help make those drawings come a little bit closer to reality.

Once upon a time…

Kids play with vintage technology

Scarface School Play

Kid Casting

You know when a movie has a flashback and you see the character as a kid? Sometimes that’s awesome.

Growing up Heroes

A pretty emotive and reflective look on how heroes affected many of us when we were growing up.

PS22 Chorus covers “JUST DANCE” by Lady Gaga

PS22 Chorus

Why The F*** Do You Have A Kid?

becuz the sk8 park was closed that day

Ioana Moldovan