Nálepka “dog”

Beagle VS piglet

Dog Loves Toy Mouse

Dog heartbroken when toy mouse runs out of battery.

Maddie The Coonhound

a super serious project about dogs and physics

Lasquite’s Saint Bernards

Out for a walk with our 42 Saint Bernards.

Dog cam

GoPro HD hero cam + roll bar mount + stick + stupid dog = Dog cam!

Lily Shreds trailside

Dinosaur Dog Costumes

Carli Davidson


Loyal Friend

The Climbing Dog

Basset Hounds Running

Uncooperative Statue

Heidi Lender

Once Upon series

“What began as a self-imposed weekly photo assignment — ‘Stand on a bench. Make sure it’s Monday. Wear something pretty.’ — transformed into this who-am-I photo-tale exploring the individual in various environments and apparel.”

Two dogs dining

The devil dog punisher