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Arctic Surfing

Tam asi nie je také teplo…

Underwater base jumping

Jungle Jam

Rocket Cycles of The Past

10 Biggest and Best Jumps Ever

Wall of Deaaaaaaath

The Martin Jetpack


Buggy rollin

The wall of death daredevils

Mr. “Fearless” Egbert taking his five year-old lion for a ride on the Wall of Death at Mitcham fair.

“Fearless” Egbert of Collins Famous Death Riders & Racing Lion.

Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls

No a ty sedíš pred kompom a čumíš…

Caterpillar Water Skiing

Surviving Cueva de los Cristales – The Giant Crystal Cave

It’s 50 oC and has a humidity of 100%, less than a hundred people have been inside and it’s so deadly that even with respirators and suits of ice you can only survive for 20 minutes before your body starts to fail. It’s the nearest thing to visiting another planet – it’s going deep inside our own.

First backflip on a Harley Davidson!

Surfer girls