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Who needs money, beautiful people travel free!

The sketching backpacker


Chromaroma takes your travel data and makes it into a game where every journey counts in a competition for the city!


Travel Without Baggage

Can you seriously travel with no luggage at all? Yes you can.

I’ve done it. Traveling with no bags is gloriously liberating. You move fast, close to the ground, spontenously.  You feel unleashed, undefined by your possessions. It is just you and the world. I am convinced that with less stuff to manage you think different. You learn lots, fast.

Most Tourists Take Pictures from the Same Spot

Hundreds of tourist photos weaved into one


Pizza Tour

The First People To Drive Across The Congo In 20 Years

In 2008, a Belgian couple traversed the Congo in a Toyota Land Cruiser, a drive few have attempted in decades. This is their story of adventure, corruption, and crumbling infrastructure in the world’s second poorest country. [Jalopnik]

Dictaphone Parcel

Dictaphone Parcel is an animation based on a sound recorded with a dictaphone travelling secretly inside a parcel. As the hidden recorder travels through the global mail system, from London to Helsinki, it captures the unexpected. We hear a mixture of abstract sounds, various types of transport and even discussions between the mail workers. The animation visualizes this journey by creating an imaginary documentary.

Globe Genie

Take me to a random place in the world…

Private Jets Of Heads Of State

Nick Gleis – who photographs the pimped up private jets that belong African dictators and other heads of state.

Strange Cargo at Kennedy Airport

Dry khat, Kenya

Dads on vacation

Metro Maps