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USB stick PC for $25

by game developer David Braben


Notebooks. Netbooks. Smartphones. Tablets. In 2011, the default state of personal computing is mobile–traditional desktop PCs are still with us, but they’ve become the outliers.
It wasn’t always so. In their earliest days, in fact, PCs weren’t primarily deskbound; they were entirely deskbound. The notion that you might be able to carry one wherever your work took you was a radical thought.

Evolution of PC Audio

Ranná počítačová vizuálna estetika (1950-80)

Philco PC by SchultzeWORKS

Gallery of early computers

Celebrity Computer Ads Of The 1980s

Living room decorated inside a PC

Dos Museum

MiniCooker by Zbyšek

Google plans to make PCs history

Industry critics warn of danger in giving internet leader more power

The history of PC hardware, in pictures

The first hard disk drive, IBM Model 350 – It had 50 24-inch discs that together could store about 4.4 MB of data.