Nálepka “New York”

The Lost Tribes of New York City

Urban Anthropologists, Andy and Carolyn London interview some of New York City’s more overlooked citizens and transposed their voices onto inanimate objects.


New York City Water Towers

The water tower is a distinctive mark upon the New York City skyline, a rustic, turn of the century nod to convenience and practicality. If you want water pressure, you need a water tower. While some of the fancier buildings tried to hide the awkward structures behind shields and veneers of various kinds, most buildings wear their towers proudly.

New York in black and white

Times Square, 1935. Betty Boop on the marquee. The Astor came down mid-sixties, along with Penn Station and Singer Building: a bad time for beaux-arts. Streetcars in the square, no overhead wires.

Mossy Tiles


Jill Freedman

3 Weeks – 3,000 Photos (New York City)

A tour of Times Square

John Woods takes us on a behind-the-scenes tour of Times Square’s LED video displays

Brutal New York – 1965/95

Presne ako v pesničke

Pixel Pour (By Kelly Goeller)

A wonderful instance of hybrid realities.

The history of New York City in video games