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Large Helical Device Project

The Large Helical Device (LHD) project involves construction of the world’s largest superconducting helical device, which employs a heliotron magnetic field originally developed in Japan. The objectives are to conduct fusion-plasma confinement research in a steady-state machine and to elucidate important research issues in physics and engineering for helical plasma reactors.

House in Kohoku

Designed by Torafu Architects

House N – Oyta – Japan

Manabu Yamanaka


horse mask mushroom man

Tenmyouya Hisashi

Chainsaw maid

Ultraman Kaiju

Sako Kojima

Self-Injury in Japan


A set of magnificent Japanese interchange photos

Japanese Barcode Design

Úplne priamočiary nápad…

…a svet je hneď pestrejší…

Louis Vuitton in Nagoya by Nagaishi Architecture

ooedo no hikeshi

Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water