Nálepka “Japan”

ChouChou: electric butterfly in a jar

Ever dreamed of keeping a butterfly in a jar forever? Now you can!

Future transportation (1936)

Japan’s National Maritime Research Insitute

Narrower Towers: 20 Of Japan’s Thinnest Buildings

Love Hotels, Japan

“The Love Hotel is an intensely unique Japanese institution. The themed rooms rented by the hour provide a very private and anonymous place for couples for amorous liaisons.”

Japanese Hayabusa asteroid mission comes home

Mojibakeru kanji-animal transformers

Japanese toy giant Bandai is set to release a series of nifty kanji figures that transform into the shapes of the animals they represent.

Bigger Eyes Make-up

Snow Monkey

Ultra Monster art by Takayoshi Mizuki

Japan – The Strange Country

“I created info-graphic, motion piece. My objective is to make Japanese people to think about that everything happening here in Japan, isn’t that normal. So I created this video from foreigner’s point of view, rather than Japanese people’s point of view.”

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Custom scooters from Japan

Monster mummies of Japan

Gatsby Hair