Nálepka “DIY”

Homemade bungee jumping

Daft Punk Helmet

Volpin Props

Terry Gilliam’s Do It Yourself Animation Show

Video Game in a Box

Darren’s Great Big Camera

“I’m building a great big camera”


DIY Weapons of the Libyan Rebels

Improvised rebel tank

Do it yourself Doodler


official blog

How I painted a BMW …

… in my tiny New York Apartment

Bluetooth Glove: Talk to the Hand!

A3-21 Plasma Rifle


make 3-frame animated GIFs with your webcam

Make Your Own Candy Bars

Here’s the thing with nostalgia: Memories betray you. Those candy bars that you remember loving are stuffed full of waxy chocolate, weird fillers, and preservatives. Try our souped-up take on four beloved candy bars. Give the store-bought stuff to the kids, and save these for yourself. And, for crafty extra credit, download the wrappers for each candy.

IE voodoo doll

Tiny BBQ Grill

inspired by the eBq