Nálepka “colorful”

Jason Tozer

Soap bubbles


Ferrofluid mixed with water colors

The Daily Dish

A catalog of 365 petri dishes painted by Klari Reis


Part I, Part II

by Guido Mocafico

Aqueous Fluoreau

by Mark Mawson

(AqueousAqueous II)

Malika Favre

Timothy Hunt

Your rainbow panorama

“Your Rainbow Panorama” by Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson

Per Color

by Marco Ugolini

How it’s made – Color Crayons

The smell of Crayola crayons is the 18th most recognizable smell to adults – Wikipedia

Leon and Peter Baas

1x, Flickr, FocusGallery

Transparent Specimen

These colorful specimen samples are  new technology which name is “Transparent Specimen”. This technology let us see all inside body; muscle, pulse, vein, blood circulatory organ etc. It is really shown to be of benefit for seeing inside of small animals such as small fish. Since we can see inside body without opening their body with surgical knife.

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Phagwah 2010

Phagwah 2010 parade

Fire Design