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The Problem with Young People Today Is…

This is me. Name’s Don.

I don’t care much for young people and I’m not too sure how I feel about you.

Photo Synthesis

Lens – the photojournalism blog of The New York Times

“In Alabama, this poor old woman of 87 asked me to drive her to Phoenix, Ariz. She wanted to go there to die. I helped her board up the windows in her dilapidated shack outside Tuskegee. She knew she would never return …”

The New York Times introduces Lens, a photojournalism blog that intends to present some of the most interesting visual and multimedia reporting: in photographs, videos, audio slide shows and any other medium that fits — our format.

Edith Zimmerman


Hospital food from all over the world


If it piles up, we post it.

Covered – modern artists covering classic comic books

Dork Yearbook

The way we wish we weren’t

Guess Her Muff


Scans of sandwiches for education and delight.

running from camera


Dinosaurs fucking robots

A showcase where artists and comedians can come together and make pictures of… dinosaurs fucking robots… with inspirational phrases.

Mark Murphy