Nálepka “blog”


Museum of Unintended Use

collects pictures and stories about objects, and how people use them,

which is often not the way designers intended them to be used

Terry’s diary

Terry Richardson’s new blog

Kid Casting

You know when a movie has a flashback and you see the character as a kid? Sometimes that’s awesome.

Bluetooth Headset Douchebags

Douchebags who think bluetooth headsets make them cool & important

Pravda, iba pravda!

“O dosiaľ neznámych, ale objektívne existujúcich javoch a zákonitostiach prírody, ktorých pravdivosť som si vopred preveril pomocou experimentálného dôkazu. (Nikdy nehovorím do vetra.)”


Growing up Heroes

A pretty emotive and reflective look on how heroes affected many of us when we were growing up.

Last Christmas

What we’re doing is compiling an archive of all the versions of Wham!‘s “Last Christmas.”
Why? Well, We’re not sure.

Wicked Knickers

Stop Making That Duckface!

You know that face you make when you’re about to take that perfect shot of yourself for myspace?
You know, the one where you push your mouth out in that weird combination of a pout and a kissy face make it look like you’ve got big pouty lips and model-quality cheekbones?
It’s called “duckface”.

Nerd Boyfriend

Albert Einstein & Kurt Gödel

shopping guide and style blog for the fashionably nerdy male


A look into the future that never was

The street

this is an exploration of other people’s lives.
look around you, there are streets like this in every town.

Hot Chicks Plunging Their Toilets