The Bren Gun Girl

Veronica Foster, an employee of John Inglis Co., known as “The Bren Gun Girl”, inspects a lathe at the John Inglis Co. Bren gun plant

Veronica poses with a finished Bren gun at the John Inglis Co. plant

Veronica Foster (popularly known as “Ronnie, the Bren Gun Girl“) was the Canadian equivalent of the American cultural icon Rosie the Riveter, representing nearly one million Canadian women who worked in the manufacturing plants that produced munitions and materiel during World War II. Foster worked for John Inglis Co. Ltd producing Bren light machine guns on a production line on Strachan Avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

She became popular after a series of propaganda posters were produced; most images featured her working for the war effort, but others depicted more casual settings like Foster dancing the jitterbug or attending a dinner party.

words: Wikipedia

Veronica preparing to go to a party at the Glen Eagle Country Club

Ronnie having a beer at the Glen Eagle Country Club

Veronica jitterbugging with plant foreman Bill Ward during a party at the Glen Eagle Country Club

photos: unknown, Library and Archives Canada

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